Gig Harbor Defines “Community Involvement”

As a real estate broker and resident of the Gig Harbor peninsula area, my awareness of the level of involvement in the community here, never ceases to amaze me. The pride that is shown by so many has formed what we as residents know, as a very special place. It is easy to observe the obvious natural beauty that is displayed at every turn. But what truly separates a pretty place from a great place are the people who live there.

The downtown and outlying areas are a constant buzz of activities far too many to mention but a few. From the Gig Harbor Maritime Festival sponsored by the Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce every June, to the annual Harbor Hounds charity dog walk put on by the midday Rotary Club, there is enough going on to satisfy most walks of life and scopes of interest. Seldom is there a time when you can drive down Gig Harbor’s picturesque Marine View drive and not drive under a banner stretched across the street announcing the next event.

Harbor Hounds Charity Dog Walk

Harbor Hounds Charity Dog Walk

There are other constant reminders of what has made this place a wonderful home for some and a special destination for many, like the Harbor History Museum, a must stop for the entire family. And the Skansie Brothers Net Shed Museum at Skansie Brothers park on the water downtown. The Net Shed Museum gives you a chance to see and feel some of the tools used by the original fisherman who homesteaded this incredible little jewel of Puget Sound.

Harbor History Museum

Harbor History Museum

Skansie Brother's Net Shed Museum

Skansie Brother’s Net Shed Museum


You only have to spend an afternoon strolling the sidewalks of this living, breathing picture postcard of a town to get a sense of what community really is.

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